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Constantly innovating and diversifing our product portfolio. Freshnes, quality and novelty are just some of the values we guide ourselves in choosing our products for consumers.



The fresh food category includes foods for which only refrigeration is required, storage at temperatures between 2-7 ° C. These foods were not subjected to heat treatments such as sterilization, smoking or freezing.

Fresh products have an important place in a balanced diet, whether we are talking about fruits and vegetables or dairy, eggs, cheese or meat. By their nature, fresh foods may have less preservatives and a higher intake of vitamins.

Nordic Food has made a selection of specialties from 40 internationally renowned producers, distributing a range of fresh products which includes 6 categories with 90 subcategories and about 700 items without including the range of fruits and vegetables that are updated according to season.

The main categories are: Cheeses, Butter, Milk, Yogurt, Sour cream, Desserts, Sausages, Meat, Delicatessen, Fish, Seafood and Fresh pasta.

Nordic Food's portfolio includes premium European brands, always ranked first in quality categories and consumer preferences: Rana pasta, Wudy frankfurter, Labeyrie - the European leader in salmon segments, caviar and foie gras, Alpro vegetal products, Hulala vegetable whipped cream, Gran Cucina cooking cream and Soignon goat cheese.



The environmental category has foods which are part of any family’s pantry, includes all foods that do not require special storage conditions in terms of temperature. Whether they are packed in metal boxes or glass jars, the preservation method includes placing the food in sealed cans which are then sterilized by heat.

This storage method can be used for vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, sauces or ready-made meals.
The shelf life is long (2-5 years), but once opened, the can must be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 48 hours.

Nordic Food offers complete solutions including over 12 of the most important segments (canned fish, sauces and dressings, oil, canned vegetables and fruits, olives, jam, snacks, pasta, rice and flour) and over 1200 products from leading market producers.

Brands such as Heinz, RIO Mare, Costa d'Oro, Cirio, Dole, Alpro, Riso Gallo and St. Dalfour are distributed by Nordic Food and are part of the environmental food category.



The frozen product category includes foods that are stored at temperatures between -18 ° C and -25 ° C, ensuring a shelf life of up to 50 times bigger compared to refrigerated products.

The category responds mainly to the needs of urban consumers who have a fast life span, spend less time cooking at home and prefer frozen precooked foods and a variety of vegetables and fruits that can be available all year long due to the long shelf life.

Nordic Food has created an extensive portfolio of frozen products for both end-users and HORECA professionals, a portfolio that includes more than 38 brands with a total of over 360 distinct items.